Thursday, 17 October 2013

Feature and Follow Friday #2

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This week's question is...

What are some of your favourite magazines?

My response this this question is unfortunately very boring. I have so many books on my shelf to read and so many more that I want to read that I don't have any time to read magazines. So I guess I don't really have any favourite magazines. I am guilty of skimming the covers of numerous ones in the check out line if I spot some nice eye candy!

That is my Feature and Follow Friday for this week! Comment down below if you're a new follower of mine with a link to your blog and I will make sure to follow you back. Also, would love to connect on facebook and twitter!



  1. Supermarket eye candy is the best, and always calorie-free!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following via bloglovin'

  2. Yeah, I don't read too many magazines either. Too many books on my bookshelf.

    New Follower via GFC and Bloglovin
    Happy Friday :)

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  3. Hopping through. I don't usually sit and read magazines but I like reading food magazines while I eat.
    My FF

  4. I don't read magazines either, but I'd like to browse through fashion magazines from time to time :D Have a great weekend! :)

    New follower via GFC :D
    My FF :)

  5. Eye candy is the best!

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  6. I love browsing magazine covers hehe new follower on GFC

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  7. I don't really read magazines either. Way too many books to read!! I'm a new Bloglovin' follower.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  8. Aw, I can understand. I also browse magazines in stores if I could get away with it. I mean I just get the Reader's Digest. Too many books to read.

    Thanks for following! Following via GFC.

  9. Same here! Novels are my priority now. I still love the occasional browse through a gossip magazine, though.

    New Bloglovin follower!

    My Feature & Follow Friday Post

  10. Eye candy are good for your mind! I used to read a lot of magazines for my job, now it's just for fun. But I agree with you, there are so much great books...
    Thanks for stopping by earlier,

  11. I'm the same, I've no time for magazines any more except to break a long journey. Thanks for following me, following back on bloglovin and twitter.

  12. I'm much the same. I currently have a subscription to EW but probably won't renew, despite how much I like the magazine. Like you, I just have too many books on my shelves and no time for mags. :D Now following you via Bloglovin' as well. Happy Friday!

    My FF

  13. Thanks for following Fiction Dreams! :D
    Although I used to be obsessive about magazines, I think my love of books has definitely taken over now!

  14. I'm not a huge magazine reader either...just a few cooking magazines here and there. But I totally skim over the ones in the checkout lines :) Thanks for stopping by and I'm following you back on Bloglovin'

    Traci @

  15. Same here; would much rather read a book! Thanks for stopping by and following. Now following via bloglovin. Have a great weekend!

  16. Awww! Magazines take me 2 minutes to read through because I just like the pictures lol

    My F&F post!

  17. I am the exact same, too many books to read so there is no time for magazines. I haven't bought a magazine in years. My FF

  18. I hardly get to read magazines too but i do love cosmo.

    Happy Friday!

  19. I've not read any magazines since high school. I just don't want to waste my time on magazine while there are so many good books out there waiting for me to read.
    Thanks for stopping by and I follow back via bloglovin
    Amie @Magic of Words

  20. I completly agree, also magazine eye candy can be good :) (*cough*photoshop*cough*) :) Thanks for stopping by my post!

  21. I totally agree with you. I don't really care for magazines any more. I have too many books to read!! :) I'm a new follower via GFC, and Bloglovin'

    Have a good weekend!
    My F&F
    Whit@Shooting Stars Reviews

  22. Those check-out counter mags are cleverly placed if you ask me. I do look at them too but rarely buy anything. I'm very disciplined that way ;)

    Cheers, Katarina :)

    PS. I'm with wordpress so I'll follow you via bloglovin.

  23. Nominated you for a Liebster Award HERE

  24. Yeah, there are wayyy too many books to be read to spend time reading magazines!

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Returning the follow!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    NEW Follower :D

  25. Books are my priority as well!
    New GFC follower!

  26. Yeah reading time is limited and I think most agree a book is better! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a new follower via GFC and bloglovin.

  27. I'm the same way. I pretty much don't read magazines anymore, but maybe in line heh.
    New follower.
    Julie @ Chapter Break

  28. I used to, but don't read them as much anymore, thanks for stopping by mine, I'm following back on GFC and bloglovin.

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  29. I prefer books as well. Thanks for visiting my blog. I followed you back on bloglovin

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your post. I tend to skim the headlines of the trash magazines while standing in line also. Have a great weekend.

    New bloglovin follower

  31. I feel the same way!
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    Ashley @ Caught Reading Redheaded

  32. I'm guilty of perusing magazines in the checkout lanes of stores too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, following you now via BlogLovin'!
    Maria @ Reading the Alphabet

  33. Thanks for the follow - returning the favour! :)

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Following back via bloglovin,and GFC. :)

  35. I do the same thing sometimes. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog and followed back.

  36. I like fashion and cooking magazines
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  37. I tend to do the same thing, or I buy the magazine and it sits on my desk for ages before I actually get round to reading it :)
    Thanks for stopping by my FF, I'm a new Bloglovin', GFC, Twitter and FB follower!

  38. Same here. I don't read magazines because it's either I have a lot of books to read or they're just too expensive. xD

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    Thanks for stopping by Thoughts and Pens.