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Review: A Death Displaced (Lansin Island Series) by Andrew Butcher

- Visions - Witches - Ghosts - Murder -

After Nick has a disturbing daydream of a woman's death, he tries to forget it, returning to his life of broken relationships and a traumatic past that hangs over him. But when events mimic the daydream, he realises it was a vision of the future. To save a life, he must act fast.

Escaping death and defying fate leaves Juliet displaced in this world. All she wants is to return to her day-to-day routine, successfully running her own business, but it seems that her 'displacement' comes with an unexpected ability.

Set on an island with a dark past of its own, Nick and Juliet must use their newfound abilities and work together to unravel a mystery more connected to Nick than he could ever have imagined.

A Death Displaced is the first book in a paranormal suspense/contemporary fantasy series with light romance.

Kindle Edition, 265 pages
Published August 1st 2012 by Andrew Butcher 
Genre: Fantasy/ paranormal/ mystery
Kristine's Review:

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I have realised in recent months that I quite enjoy paranormal books so I was excited to start this book which is the first book in the Lansin Island Series. From reading the synopsis it sounded perfect for fulfilling my paranormal craving. Witches, ghosts, seeing the future, an unsolved mystery and the list goes on...what more could you ask for?
The good...
The story showed great promise in the beginning when Nick discovered he could see into the future and Juliet discovered her own abilities. It sounded like the makings of a very interesting story with the possibility of a little romance. I liked how the two characters met and the mystery that linked them together. This book kept me guessing and I couldn't figure out what would come next. For me, that is a definite plus!
The (not so) bad...
The characters were not as likable as I had hoped they would be. Nick came across as immature, a little whiny and cried an awful lot for a man in his twenties. Even with his depression I felt like it was a little much. Juliet seemed a little self absorbed and critical of other peoples actions. I also found that the part where Aldrich is introduced was a little long winded.

A lot of things happen in this book and it felt like there was a few different stories going on. Many things were left unanswered and new questions were formed. Of course this is to be expected when it is the first in a series.The last chapter was creepy good and it definitely made me want to read the rest to find out what happens.

I don't normally like to rate a book until I have read the entire series to be fair. Until I know the entire story and how everything ties together it is hard so my rating may change (for the better) once I have read the whole series.Over all a good read!
About the author

Andrew Butcher lives in England with his family and partner. When he's not writing he loves to watch TV series and read paranormal and fantasy books. Writing is what he wants to do as a career, and it makes him happy to know that other people are enjoying his books.
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