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Review: Something Furry Underfoot by Amy L. Peterson

Something Furry Underfoot is a funny, touching book about pets that Amy's husband brought home and how Amy ended up helping care for, and falling for, most of them. In addition to frogs, iguanas, dogs, a stray cat, rabbits, and lots of hamsters, you will meet a male hedgehog that escaped three times to mate with a female hedgehog, a ferret that cost $1,200 in vet bills and a domestic duck. The book includes 50 tips including "Tip #5: If your significant other was ever denied a pet in his/her 'previous life,' you may be in for a lot of fur." Some proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations. This book is also available as a paperback on Amazon and in various e-formats on Smashwords.com.

Kindle Edition, 228 pages
Published April 2013 by Amy L Peterson 
Genre- Humor/memoir

Kristine's Thoughts:

* I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

As a pet owner myself who loves my giant golden retriever more than I like most humans, I could not wait to dive into a book all about animals. I was in for a major shock when I realised just how many different pets this book would talk about!

Peterson uses a combination of sarcasm and humour to describe her husband and the endless number of animals that he brought to their home that works incredibly well. I found myself giggling, shaking my head and wanting to give her an award for the things she agreed with or put up with.  As I turned the pages I discovered that she was just as guilty in some cases as he was when it came to bringing home rescues.

They had some very unusual pets along the way and it was interesting to learn about them and the caring involved with them. I loved how she described the shape of their home as a result of these pets as only a true animal lover or pet owner would understand. Being owned by a large, long haired dog I could totally relate. In my circle of friends and family I am often telling people that if they don't like dog hair then don't come to my house.

Along with the sarcasm and humour there are also some very touching moments when Peterson talks about their numerous pets last moments. Through the dialogue and actions she describes it is very clear that  they are truly passionate about their pets and love them dearly.  

If you are a pet owner or a pet lover I think you would really enjoy this book. Most of the animals that saw the inside of their home would NEVER see the inside of mine so I guess it is a good thing that there are people in the world like them. Any person that is owned by a pet will get a kick out of this book. Job well done!

About the Author
 In the mid 1990s, I fell for a guy with four kids, ages 3,5, 13 and 15 and since I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I documented my experience. That was the basis for From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds, my humorous, touching memoir about becoming a stepmom. It's filled with tips, most of which are about stepmoms, some of which are universal to pretty much all relationships.

While I was getting used to being a stepmom, my husband was bringing one pet after another into our house. Frogs and iguanas came and went and then the pets came to stay: ferrets, hedgehogs, dogs, a cat, rabbits, a domestic duck, mynah birds and countless numbers of small rodents. Something Furry Underfoot is my humorous, touching memoir about helping to raise all those pets and making their lives as good as possible. This book has 50 tips about pets and the people who love pets.

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